Pottery Marks Collection: Fulper Pottery

Fulper Pottery started in 1899 and have become a prolific studio, creating tens of hundreds of items of pottery over its historical past. This proliferation has created a variety of worth for particular person items, and worth is normally improved by the piece’s dimension, form, and glaze. Nonetheless, markings will sometimes play their half in including to an merchandise’s price. Due to the excessive market competitors in the course of the early 20th century, virtually all Fulper Pottery was given a particular mark, both through ink stamp or incisions.

Vintage Paper Label

Paper labels function the usual vertically-oriented Fulper brand and a clean area whereby an worker may hand-write particulars in regards to the piece, together with the identify of the glaze and the worth of the piece. As a result of these labels are made from paper, they’re very uncommon nowadays. Sadly, this rarity doesn’t usually enhance the worth of the piece.

Black Stamped Mark

Used earlier than 1915, this mark is supposedly the earliest vertical ink-stamp mark utilized by Fulper. It’s usually stamped inside a hollowed space of the piece.

Carved Mark

Carved logos are mostly seen on vases and different items which had been made after 1917. The artist would carve the brand into the bottom of the piece earlier than firing.

Drawn Mark

Drawn logos had been used as late as 1920 on Fulper items.

Incised Mark

Incised marks are one of many few markings which might be really horizontal of their orientation. These marks had been pressed into the unfired pottery piece together with a 3 or 4 digit quantity to point the model of the piece. This marking model was solely used after 1925.

Panama Pacific Label

Panama Pacific labels are one other paper label; Used from 1915 on, they point out the corporate’s first place award on the Panama-Pacific Worldwide Exposition in San Francisco. These labels are normally discovered at the side of one other extra everlasting mark. Their fragile nature implies that few of them will be discovered at this time.

Raised Mark

Raised markings function the usual vertical brand. This mark, used from 1915 to the early 1920s, is especially seen on molded pottery items and was included as part of the mildew.

Rectangular Mark

This small mark options way more of an oblong form than another Fulper brand. It’s usually ink stamped on the underside of a bit, and it’s thought-about a really uncommon marking.

Vasekraft Mark

The Vasekraft mark is the mark all Fulper collectors hope to search out as a result of it usually signifies that the piece is uncommon and priceless. The mark itself is round and reads “Vasekraft Fulper 1805” round an outline of a potter at his wheel. This mark was used from 1909 to 1912, and for a brief interval in 1914.